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2017-2018 Snowfall Predictions for the East Coast


WeatherWorks has provided us with estimates for snowfall for winter 2017-2018. Based on previous years' weather conditions and snowfall levels, plus information about likely weather patterns for 2017-2018, WeatherWorks estimates the likelihood of different annual snowfall ranges in major cities throughout the Northeast. Although we're disappointed not to see our home-city of Pittsburgh included, we look forward to seeing how close these predictions are to reality.

Annual Snowfall Forecast is an experimental new featured offered by WeatherWorks. Its accuracy is not guaranteed.

Regardless of which city you're located in, having a winter-weather plan is crucial. All winter long, The Salt Factory's guaranteed supply of road salt, salt brine and other deicing products will keep your property safe and accessible.

Whether you need a bag or a pallet of ice melting products, we would be happy to give you a plan and a quote. If you need more immediate assistance, you can also call our office at 412-321-7669, ext.102.