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December 2017 Winter Forecast


WeatherWorks' December 2017 Forecast is now available. December marks the beginning of winter, and the beginning of true winter weather. We use these predictions to help us understand weather patterns. Whenever the winter weather strikes, the last thing that you want to worry about is running out of snow-melting and de-icing supplies. You can count on The Salt Factory to be available in your time of need!

WeatherWorks' December 2017 Winter Weather Forecast

  • December's coldest conditions are expected to be centered over the Midwest. The Southern Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast are expected to be on the warmer side.
  • New England and the Northern Mid-Atlantic are likely to experience fluctuating temperatures, based on short-lived blocking patterns.
  • Slightly above-average snowfall may be likely in the Great Lakes, Northeast and New England regions. This is due to warmer maritime air causing wintry mixes.
  • Less snow than normal is expected below the Mason-Dixon line. This is due to warmer weather and lack of southern-stream storms.
  • The Midwest is expected to be cold, but winter storms are expected to be smaller in line from Peoria IL to Cleveland OH. 

We are happy to help business owners and homeowners in Pittsburgh ensure that their businesses are safe and accessible all winter! Give us a call at 412-321-7669, ext. 102 to discuss your needs. Pickup is available just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, but we also offer convenient delivery.