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February 2018 Winter Weather Forecast


February is usually one of the coldest, snowiest months of the year. That means your business needs to have a plan for snow removal and ice management -- including a guaranteed supply of salt!

WeatherWork's February 2018 Snow and Temperature Forecast

  • The Southeast Ridge may bring warmer temperatures to the mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Ohio Valley.
  • Only the Upper Midwest is expected to experience colder-than-average temperatures.
  • The weather pattern will remain quite active through the northern tier. As a result, despite mild temperatures, there may be above-normal snow in New York and New England.
  • Near-normal snowfall is still anticipated from Indy to Chicago.

While WeatherWork's predictions for February anticipates warmer temperatures for most of the East Coast, winter weather events can still impact your business. Even when winter storms are a wintry mix of snow and rain, road surfaces can be cold enough to create icy conditions. Keep your commercial properties safe and accessible with a plan for snow removal.

Snow and Ice Management Company can provide snow and ice removal services. The Salt Factory can provide you with a supply of road salt and deicing products all winter long.