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Pittsburgh Road Salt Always In Stock


As winter lingers, Pittsburgh's salt supply begins to dwindle. In years when the flurries fly and temperatures fall below freezing on a regular basis, many Pittsburgh area road salt suppliers run out of stock at crucial times. 

The Salt Factory will never have that problem! 
As Pittsburgh's only on-site salt bagging facility, our massive supply of raw materials means that we always have a full stock of road salt, ice melting products and more. We start buy shipping in raw rock salt by the bargeful. We receive shipments year-round, not just during the winter.

Part of the salt supply is kept at our McKees Rocks location, where it can be purchased in bulk amounts by landscaping companies and winter road crews. The remainder of the raw materials are stored on multiple floors of a warehouse at our Swissvale location.

Our select brand of bagged salt and deicing products are also stored on-site across multiple warehouses, both inside...

...and outside.

Our stockpile of road salt and deicing products stretches as far as the eye can see, guaranteeing that the Pittsburgh Salt Factory will never run out of our supply. We are the reliable local choice for bulk road salt, bagged salt and de-icing products year-round.