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About The Salt Factory

At The Salt Factory, we take pride in being Pittsburgh's premier distributor of rock salt and deicer products. We offer a wide range of high-quality solutions to meet your winter needs, whether you're looking for bulk rock salt, bagged deicing salt, or liquid deicers. 


Our bulk rock salt is perfect for stockpiling and maintaining walkways during the winter season. With our stockpiles of Bulk Rock Salt available in Sewickley, PA, we ensure quick and efficient service throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. 


For those looking for convenience and ease of use, our bagged deicing salt is the ideal choice. It is perfect for residential snow removal or small-scale commercial applications. With its user-friendly packaging, you can quickly and efficiently tackle any icy situation. 


In addition to rock salt, we also offer ClearLane Enhanced Deicer, which provides excellent coverage and minimizes waste. It does not clump over time and requires no additional equipment. This makes it a hassle-free solution for effective snow removal. 

If you're in need of salt brine or other liquid deicers, we have you covered as well. Our liquid deicers are highly effective in preventing ice and snow buildup on roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. By applying our liquid deicers, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of both pedestrians and drivers. 


Our large warehouse facility means that we have the capacity to maintain a high-volume inventory throughout the winter season. From bagged salt and bulk salt to liquid deicers, The Salt Factory offers various types of deicing products to fit your specific winter weather needs. 


At The Salt Factory, we are committed to providing top-notch products and excellent customer service. Stock up on our high-quality rock salt and deicer products today and stay prepared for any winter weather in Pittsburgh!

Rows upon rows of bagged rock salt on pallets in stock yard
Front loader scopping bulk rock salt from inventory pile
Outdoor steps completely cleared after using liquid deicer

Bagged Salt

Per Pallet

Bulk Salt

Per Ton

Liquid Deicers

Bagged Salt

Our bagged deicers offer fast-acting solutions and provide efficacy in a variety of temperatures, some as low as -25ºF. We even have options that are environmentally-friendly—safe for pets, concrete, and vegetation when applied correctly. Bagged deicing products are sold by the pallet with quantity of bags per pallet ranging from 49 – 55 depending on the product. Find a complete listing of our bagged deicing products on our Pallets page.

Bagged rock salt on pallets stored in warehouse
Bagged Salt

Bulk Salt

Our three types of bulk salt—Rock Salt, Magic Salt®, and Treated Salt (ClearLane® Enhanced Deicer)—offer differing advantages depending on use. All our bulk salts are available by tri-axle load, with a 24-ton minimum. Learn more about our bulk salt on our Bulk product page.

Large pile of bulk rock salt stored in warehouse
Bulk Salt

Liquid Deicers

The use of our liquid deicers prior to a winter storm event will prevent snow from sticking and ice from forming on roadways and walkways. The Salt Factory offers three types of ice-prevention solutions including Salt Brine, EPA-approved Magic Minus Zero®, and our environmentally friendly, biodegradable SIMCO 40/60 Liquid Ice Melt. Learn more about these effective ice-prevention products on our Brine and Liquid Deicer page.

Section of snow covered sidewalk completely cleared after using liquid deicer
Liqud Deicers

The Salt Factory

Pittsburgh's Premiere Distributor of Salt & Liquid Deicing Solutions

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