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Are you prepared for the winter season? At The Salt Factory, we have a wide range of high-quality salt and deicer products to meet your winter needs. Whether you're looking for bagged rock salt and bulk rock salt to liquid deicers, we have you covered. 


If you're a snow removal business, our bulk rock salt is the perfect choice for stockpiling and maintaining walkways. It's readily available and efficient, ensuring that you can provide top-notch service to your clients throughout the winter season. 


For residential snow removal or small-scale commercial applications, our bagged deicing salt is convenient and easy to use. With its user-friendly packaging, you can quickly and efficiently tackle any icy situation that comes your way. 


If you're concerned about waste and coverage, our ClearLane Enhanced Deicer is the ideal option. It provides excellent coverage and minimizes waste, saving you both time and money. Plus, it doesn't clump over time and requires no additional equipment.


We also offer liquid deicers, which are highly effective in preventing ice and snow buildup on roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. By applying our liquid deicers, you can ensure the safety of both pedestrians and drivers and significantly reduce the risk of accidents. 


At The Salt Factory, we take pride in providing top-notch products and excellent customer service. We are located in Pittsburgh, PA and offer delivery services and pick-up options. Please complete the form below by describing your needs, then submitting your request. One of our sales staff will get back to you right away. If you need more immediate assistance, you can also call our office at 412.321.7669, email, or place your order to prepare for any winter weather that comes your way. 

The Salt Factory

Pittsburgh's Premiere Distributor of Salt & Liquid Deicing Solutions

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