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Salt Brine & Liquid Deicers

Salt brine and liquid deicers are effective solutions for preventing ice and snow buildup on roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. They are applied prior to a winter storm to create a protective barrier, making it easier to remove ice and snow once they accumulate. Salt brine is a mixture of salt and water, while liquid deicers are formulated with various chemicals to lower the freezing temperature of water. These products are commonly used by municipalities and transportation agencies to manage hazardous winter roadway conditions and enhance winter road maintenance operations.


When used prior to a major snowstorm, liquid deicers will prevent snow from sticking and ice from forming on roadways. With their ability to proactively prevent ice formation, salt brine and liquid deicers are valuable tools in ensuring safe and efficient travel during winter weather conditions.

The Salt Factory offers two anti-icing liquid solutions, including salt brine and Magic-0 to help you implement preventative deicing services for your customers. Learn more about each of these products below, or contact us at 412.321.7669 for pricing on salt brine and liquid deicers products.

Section of snow covered sidewalk being treated with liquid deicer
Section of snow covered sidewalk completely cleared after using liquid deicer
Frosted snowflakes

Appropriate use of anti-icing agents can make significant impacts

Reducing material usage:

  • saving costs

  • decreasing product waste

  • reducing environmental concerns

Returning to bare pavement conditions more quickly:

  • decreasing roadway accidents

  • reducing traffic delays

  • avoiding business closures 

Reducing manpower needed to maintain safe road conditions:

  • decreasing overtime costs

  • lowering operator fatigue

  • increasing safer working conditions

Salt Brine

Salt Brine

The Salt Factory is one of the few businesses in the Pittsburgh area to offer one of the most powerful and cost-effective ice-prevention solutions—salt brine.

Anti-icing measures—like the application of salt bring—take place before the snow falls and, consequently, before ice forms on roadways. They aim to prevent the bond of frozen precipitation to the road surface. In some circumstances, anti-icing can dramatically cut the cost of maintaining a safe road surface over conventional deicing methods. Anti-icing chemicals are applied in liquid form (salt brine) to road surfaces just before a snow or ice storm. Liquid sodium chloride (NaCl) is the most effective choice for anti-icing above 15° F (-9.4° C). 

Benefits of using salt brine as an anti-icing agent:

  • The roadway surface is never "lost."

  • Anti-icing returns road surfaces to normal faster, resulting in fewer accidents and delays.

  • Using a pre-treat liquid deicer jumpstarts the melting process since salt needs moisture to be effective.

  • Brine doesn’t bounce or blow off the road surface, thereby reducing material waste.

  • In the event of a delayed storm, salt residue remains on the road ready to begin work when precipitation begins.

  • Crews can cover more territory by beginning treatment in advance of a storm.

  • Reduces salt use, minimizing environmental concerns.

Magic Minus Zero


Magic Minus Zero® liquid concentrate is a proprietary blend of magnesium chloride and agricultural by-products that have been EPA recognized as safer for the environment and authorized to carry the DfE emblem. Magic Minus Zero® is an economical and environmentally effective way to keep your roads safe! Magic Minus Zero® allows for lower salt application rates and has less impact on the environment which leads to dramatic cost savings. Magic Minus Zero® meets the stringent requirements of the PNS (Pacific Northwest Snowfighters) for corrosion, toxicity, and performance.


Benefits of using Magic Minus Zero® as an anti-icing agent:

  • Improves winter road conditions and service levels.

  • Salt pretreated or pre-wetted with Magic Minus Zero® works at lower temperatures than traditional dry salt.

  • Magic Minus Zero® treated salt adheres to the road more effectively than traditional deicing methods thereby reducing bounce, scatter, and product waste.

  • Magic Minus Zero® can safely be applied prior to a storm event (anti-icing) thus preventing a bond from forming between the pavement and the snow accumulation.

  • Magic Minus Zero® has a residual effect that is far superior to other deicers. This fact is attributed to the high viscosity of Magic Minus Zero® reducing chloride brine runoff into the road shoulders.

  • Magic Minus Zero® is ideal for treating black ice and clear weather frost on road and bridge surfaces.

  • Magic Minus Zero® can also be used as a concentrate with salt brines to reduce corrosion, lower freeze points, and increase working time.

  • Saves time, labor, fuel, and materials.

  • Lower working temperatures coupled with better adherence and residual effect results in a 20 - 40 percent salt savings.

  • Dramatically reduces the corrosivity of salt and its effect on equipment, chains, bearings, frames, brakes, and electrical components.

  • Safer than other deicing methods for use around animals and humans. Does not affect skin, leather, clothing, or carpets.

  • Reduces the levels of sodium and chloride ion exposure to wells, vegetation, and surface / groundwater.

  • Magic Minus Zero® protects roads and infrastructure by dramatically reducing corrosion rates.

We offer EXTENDED HOURS during the winter months.

Contact The Salt Factory at 412.321.7669 to learn more about on-demand product delivery.

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