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About The Salt Factory

The Salt Factory is Pittsburgh's only locally-based salt bagging plant. We are located at 2218 Palmer Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218 (the former Babcock Lumber corporate headquarters). With our recently increased space and mechanical upgrades, we are able to mix, bag and package our own select brand of rock salt and de-icing products. Because all of this is done onsite and in-house, we can guarantee that we will never run out of salt, no matter how long the winter lingers!

Our sister company, Snow and Ice Management, also offers snow removal services, plowing, snow melting and sidewalk maintenance to commercial clients in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan and Indiana. Together we provide the all-in-one service of keeping your business or commercial property free from snow, ice and winter weather dangers.

Take a look into the process of how we make our Go Green Ice Melt, which performs better than regular rock salt at temperatures below 15 degrees.

The process starts with raw bulk rock salt being transported from storage to our manufacturing facility.

An outdoor conveyor belt carries the salt into our massive tumbling drum, where the sodium chloride is mixed with magnesium chloride, a corrosion inhibitor and a green color indicator. This particular blend offers the best protection from ice at temperatures below 15 degrees.

The mixed product is carried up another conveyor belt, where it is funneled into individual bags.

The filled bags slide down a conveyor belt, where they are manually checked by our Quality Assurance team member.

The bags are lifted by a robotic arm, then carefully stacked on a pallet.

The pallet is wrapped so that when our customers come to pick up their pallet of salt, it is ready to go.

Our Go Green Ice Melt pallets, as well as pallets of our other de-icing products, are stored onsite are available for pickup and delivery. Because all of our products are bagged and manufactured on site, we can guarantee that we will never run out!

Whether you're looking for a single pallet of de-icer or are in need of a large supply of bulk road salt, our new facility at 2218 Palmer Street always has a full stock year-round.