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Liquid Deicers, Salt Brine, Ice Melt and Winter Road Treatment

Liquid Deicer is an effective way of managing treacherous winter weather. When used before a major snow storm, liquid deicer will prevent snow from sticking and ice from forming.

Salt Brine

The Salt Factory is one of the few businesses in the Pittsburgh area to offer one of the most powerful and cost effective ice-prevention solutions – salt brine.

Anti-icing measures take place before snow falls and ice forms on the roadway. They aim to prevent the bond of frozen precipitation to the road surface. In some circumstances, anti-icing can dramatically cut the cost of maintaining a safe road surface over conventional deicing. Anti-icing chemicals are applied in liquid form (salt brine) to road surfaces just before a snow or ice storm. Liquid sodium chloride (NaCl) is the most effective choice for anti-icing above 15° F (-9.4° C).

Anti-icing has many advantages:

  • The roadway surface is never "lost." Snowfighters respond proactively
  • Anti-icing returns road surfaces to normal faster, resulting in fewer accidents and delays
  • Using a liquid ice-melter jumpstarts the melting process because salt needs moisture to be effective. Only in freezing rain would an anti-icing application NOT be either pre-wet or an entirely liquid application.
  • Brine doesn’t bounce or blow off the road surface so material is used more efficiently
  • If the storm is delayed, salt residue remains on the road ready to begin work when precipitation begins
  • Crews can cover more territory by beginning treatment in advance of a storm
  • Increased efficiency results in use of less salt, minimizing environmental concerns

Anti-icing measures are an important weapon in the snowfighter’s arsenal. The appropriate use of anti-icing techniques results in:

  • Returning to bare pavement conditions more quickly, saving lives and reducing property damage due to fewer accidents, as well as the reduction of traffic delays and avoiding the resulting reduction of losses to local economies;
  • Reduction in the quantity of deicer use, resulting in cost savings and less environmental concerns;
  • Reduction in the manpower necessary to maintain safe road conditions, resulting in less overtime costs, less operator fatigue and safer working conditions.

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Magic -0™

Magic Minus Zero® liquid concentrate is a proprietary blend of magnesium chloride and agricultural by-products that have been EPA recognized as safer for the environment and authorized to carry the DfE emblem. Magic Minus Zero® is an economical and environmentally effective way to keep your roads safe! Magic Minus Zero® allows for lower salt application rates and has less impact on the environment which leads to dramatic cost savings. Magic Minus Zero® meets the stringent requirements of the PNS (Pacific Northwest Snowfighters) for corrosion, toxicity and performance.

  • Improves winter road conditions and service levels
  • Salt pretreated or pre-wetted with Magic Minus Zero® works at lower temperatures than traditional dry salt
  • Magic Minus Zero® treated salt stays on the road better thereby reducing bounce and scatter
  • Magic Minus Zero® can safely be applied prior to a storm event (anti-icing) thus preventing a bond from forming between the pavement and the snow accumulation
  • Magic Minus Zero® has a residual effect that is far superior to other de-icers. This fact is attributed to the high viscosity of Magic Minus Zero® reducing chloride brine runoff into the road shoulders
  • Magic Minus Zero® is ideal for treating black ice and clear weather frost on road and bridge surfaces
  • Magic Minus Zero® can also be used as a concentrate with salt brines to reduce corrosion, lower freeze points and increase working time
  • Saves Time, Labor, Fuel and Materials
  • Lower working temperatures coupled with better adherence and residual effect results in a 20 - 40 percent salt savings
  • Dramatically reduces the corrosivity of salt and its effect on equipment, chains, bearings, frames, brakes and electrical components
  • Safer for use around animals and humans. Does not affect skin, leather, clothing or carpets
  • Reduces the levels of sodium and chloride ion exposure to wells, vegetation and surface / groundwater
  • Infrastructure Protection – Magic Minus Zero® protects roads and infrastructure by dramatically reducing corrosion rates

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Simco 40/60 Liquid Ice Melt

Simco 40/60 Liquid Ice Melt is a liquid deicer blend of organics and Calcium Chloride that works to -20°F, offering the best and most economical combination of corrosion inhibition, stockpile retention, residual effect and ice-melting capacity currently available.

Advantages of Snow and Ice 40/60 Liquid Ice Melt:

  • Stockpile treating agent – will hold indefinitely and increase melting power of rock salt to -20°F.
  • Liquid Anti-icing agent – applied directly to sidewalk, parking lot or roadway surfaces with spray-bar or spray wand
  • Onboard pre-wetting agent – activates melting action faster to rock salt
  • Treated salt outperforms dry salt
  • Reduce salt use by 30% to 50%
  • Biodegradable
  • Low Toxicity
  • Safe to Handle

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At The Salt Factory, we mix our own salt brine solution in our own facility. You can guarantee that we will always have it on hand and ready to go when the weather storms emerge.

Did you know that in the winter storm months, we have extended availability? If you’re ever in need of salt brine during a major snow storm, call us at any time!